January 14, 2013

Tag You're It by Elizabeth

Designer, Elizabeth with her Tag layout :)

The challenge this month is to create a layout using tags and you.  Now, I found this challenge kind of taxing. Not because of the tag requirement, that was the easy bit, but because of the ‘you’ requirement. You see, I’m usually the one with the camera so there are very few photos, recent ones anyway, taken of me ... and most of those I really don’t like at all. However, whilst out doing a bit of Christmas shopping, we were delighted to spot Mickey and Minnie strolling through our town centre and, as luck would have it, I had my camera with me. And, better still, they were more than happy to strike a pose!

To create the layout I’ve raided my stash and used papers from a few different sources, old and new.  The embellishments were mostly handmade using paper punches and bits and bobs from stash too.

I admit to still not being too happy with this layout ... it has taken me forever to complete and that was after starting and stopping several times. I think I may have to revisit it sometime in the future to see if I can improve on it. I might even take it apart and start again!


The Day Disney Came to Ayr - 2


  1. This layout is wonderful Elizabeth! I know what you mean about thinking it's incomplete, but from what I can see... it is perfect! I love the pictures, the colors, the wheels (probably chipboard) embellishments... all of it. With that said, I hope you will decide not to take it apart. No one has ever said we cannot make two layouts with the same pictures.

  2. Many thanks, Sandy, so far I have resisted the temptation to take the layout apart :) The flowers - 'wheels' - are simply circles punched out of patterned paper ... an inexpensive alternative to ready-made chipboard embellishments.

  3. I know what you mean about the "you" part. It's not an easy one for some of us! I think it looks fabulous!

  4. I think your layout looks great, I really like the title corner.