June 21, 2012

Friday Frugal tip by Groovy Deb

Guest Designer Groovy Deb has a frugal tip for today :)

I just have to share with you today how I saved my friends a lot of money last weekend We have a scrapbooking group that meets monthly to crop and on occasion we will bring in things we no longer need to see if others can use it. This time I brought a tote FULL of paper and I do mean full. At the least I would say there was 2,000 sheets there that I just did not need anymore. So even though the frugality did not help me financially it definitely helped others. It is fun to share and clean out a big space in my scrap room! Have a good day and hoping you enjoy!



  1. Absolutely! One person's trash is another persons treasure.

  2. I love sharing with my friends and they're great to share with me too. Great tip!

  3. Awesome! The groups I've scrap-vacationed with usually have a table going on for this... Out with the old and in with new-to-me 'fresh' supplies. It's Win-Win. :)