June 1, 2012

June HOMECOMING Challenge by Debra P.

Design Team Member Debra P. submitted this layout for the June HOMECOMING Challenge. She said:

When I heard the word "Homecoming," I thought about when we got our grandchildren their first puppy. They came home and couldn't believe their eyes. They had been asking to get a puppy for so long, I think they had come to think they were never going to get one. It was such a happy day and I don't ever want to forget it!

Now it's your turn to take the June HOMECOMING Challenge. See June Challenge HERE for all the details.
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  1. What a sweet layout - love the photos!!

  2. Great layout, and I love how happy they look! Love Penny

  3. Great lo, love the photos! What a fun memory!!

  4. Great double layout. Everybody loves a puppy and it shows in these photographs.

  5. Great doggy double pager! Love it!