June 29, 2012

Hello from Groovy Deb♥ It's Nice to be Here, Officially!

Hello Everyone! I am known around the scrapbooking world as Groovy Deb and it is a pleasure to meet you all! I am very excited to be here and hope that we can do many fun challenges together :)

A little about my background...I have been scrapbooking literally for 30 years. I was scrapbooking back when we used magnetic albums and cut things from magazines to embellish our pages. I still have my "first love" album, but my very first album was of my celebrity crush, Scott Baio. Sadly that was lost in a flood :(

I am a mom to two awesome girls who have birthdays coming up this Summer. One will be 17 and the other 8. I have been married to Kevin for 18 years and I drag him every time we travel to any scrapbook store I can find, lol! I am also mom to one lab mix and three kitties. When I am not hanging around here you can find me operating If It's Groovy, Facebook, Pinterest and Fiskateers :)

Have a scrappy day and hope we talk soon! Deb♥


  1. Groovy Deb, we're so happy you're here and taking over the helm of SOS to keep us afloat!

  2. Nice to meet you! Fun layout!!

  3. Hi Deb! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stepping up to keep this great challenge site afloat! This should be fun!

  4. Ha, my first celebrity crush was Scott Baio too! Welcome Deb, so excited you're here to keep SOS going!!

  5. *waving furiously* So happy you have picked up the SOS flag and it'll still be flappin' proudly!
    Sarah xo