February 28, 2012

Meet March Guest Design Team Member Angela

Hey there, I'm Angela -- an essay-grading, grammar-slinging English teacher by day and super-crafter by night. I live near Detroit with my hubster and our two cats, all three of whom are frequent scrap subjects (whether they like it or not!). I've been crafting since I was a kiddo, but started paper crafting in earnest in late 2002 when I decided to make my own wedding invitations.
That. was. nuts.
It didn't turn me off from stamps and paper, though, luckily!
Scrapping is a more recent obsession -- I fell in love with my local scrapbooking store a couple years ago and had the crazy idea to 1. Teach myself to scrapbook, and then 2. Apply for their design team. It worked! I'm still loving and designing for Scrappy Chic in Livonia, MI. It's also given me a creative outlet for all those dang photos that I keep taking.
When I'm not up to my neck in pretty paper and ink, you might find me cooking, reading blogs, playing pub trivia, grading the aforementioned essays, or maybe with my nose in a book when I get a second. You can also find me blogging at The Paper Cupboard (papercupboard.blogspot.com).
Here's to a great month -- thanks for having me!


  1. Love your layout! (Checking my spelling here) LOL I bet you are a great teacher! Love Penny

  2. Congrats and welcome to the team Angela!!!

  3. Welcome Angela. You are going to have a good time here. Love your layout!

  4. Nice to meet ya! Cute lo, love the colors.

  5. I love the use of pink on your page!it add a nice warm feel to the page without being feminine.

  6. Welcome Angela! Neat layout with the different scallops.

  7. Belated welcome, Angela! Great layout - cheerful colours - and the scallop is nicely different. I bet you're a popular teacher - you sound like fun.