February 7, 2012

Pagerize Tamara by Laurie

Tamara Reader Laurie submitted this layout for the Pagerize This #18 Challenge.  She said:

Here is my entry for the Pagerize #18 challenge. Pardon the ebonics in the title. I used Echo Park Life is Good papers and some extra stuff on this one. This is going in my Book of Me: it's just another example of people getting my name wrong. VERY wrong. The journaling reads: I gave the security guard my driver's license and this is the name he got from it. ??? The last name is close but where did "Angela" come from? It never fails to amaze me how people botch such a simple first name. I knew I had to document this.
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Each Month on the 15th, we post a new layout for you to "pagerize" (Plagerize,copy,lift, steal) whatever term you want to use. The idea will be- to use the posted layout as your inspriation to create your own layout. You can "pagerize"as much or as little of the original layout as you choose. you may want to make a layout like the one just posted-or you may just want to use something about the layout as your inspiration.
Here is Tamara's layout for  Pagerize this #18.

Once you've completed your layout-email a picture and a brief descriptionmailto:descriptionscrappingpsyhco@live.com 

All entries will be posted here at Scrap our Stash. this challenge runs through midnight central time on February 12th. The pagerizer ( in this case, Tamara), will then choose a winner from all of the entries. The winner will be announced on February 14th. then the winner will be asked to submit a layout for us to "pagerize" starting on the 15th of February.


  1. This is such a great LO. Love the colours you used and the title is brilliant.

  2. Great layout, vibrant colours and the trims are lovely.

  3. Laurie, (or should I say Angela! LOL) This is a funny layout. That happens to me all the time. If people aren't misspelling my name (Stacey, Stacie etc) they are changing it all together. (Stephanie, Tracy etc) I've gotten used to it by now but it makes my hubby nuts!! LOL I wanted to say how much I like how you used the area of the die cut relief. Very cool. Stacy H-W

  4. What a great idea for a layout! That's funny. Lovely layout!

  5. I can't believe they got your name that wrong! What a great layout you did!

  6. Great lo! Love the button and twine at the top. Wow, on the name. It takes skillz to be that wrong. lol

  7. What a funny topic for your layout! I like the border on your journaling box!

  8. That's a neat thing to document. DH and I were just talking this morning about people botching up last names and names that are pretty simple. You've just given me an idea for a page!