March 13, 2011

Show N' Tell Sunday by Sue

Welcome to the Before and After edition of Show and Tell Sunday! I've completed a minor rearranging of my craft space to create a better work flow. Here are the results.

Before - my main work space had tools within easy reach, but most of my Slice stuff was stowed away and a pain to pull out in the middle of making a layout. A major creativity bummer, and an expensive tool was gathering dust. Unacceptable! 
After - not only are my must-have scrapping supplies and tools in this area, I relocated some items to make room for a.......
Slice Station - now everything is out and ready to go! Just looking at this new work station is inspiring me. I've used it already and it's so much easier.
Before - embellishments sorted by color and stored in ten containers, mostly leftover odds and ends from kits. Lots of fun to look at, but not getting much use. I think in color, but tend to look for embellishments by type or size. It's just time to admit that. 
After - a seriously paired down embellishment center, no longer sorted by color (gasp). Ten containers reduced to six!
Disclaimer: these are not ALL the embellishments in my stash. Not even close. I scrap by manufacturer and keep coordinating embellishments with the paper line.
Pairing down and re-grouping my embellishments freed up four containers for my stamp sets! Now I don't have to get up and rummage around my scrap room to find a stamp for a layout or card. I'm reaching for these more often.
Before - three containers filled with leftover brads, buttons, odds and ends that I rarely used. Again, they look good but most of these are pretty old and just don't fit the way I'm scrapping these days.
After - down to one container of buttons I will use!
Before - bulletin board used as inspiration and ideas for layouts. Looks good, but I was constantly re-working this space more than I was using it. Most of these pages eventually ended up in the trash.
After - bulletin board is now used to hang scrap paper, lists of what I want to scrap, how-to articles. It's more of an information center, right above my main work area.
Ideas from magazines, sketches and design inspiration now have a separate station at the end of my L-shaped desk and on my bookshelf that you can see in the background. Close to my main space, but not in the way. Have you done any tweaking to your craft space lately?


  1. wow- what a great workspace and such fab ideas for organizing!!

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  2. Great job!! Love how you've pared down your stash. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of old stuff that you know you'll never, ever use!!!

  3. This look great! I love to craft after a recent re-organize! I spent many nights reorganizing and I am currently able to see and use my old stash!

  4. Love your workspace! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Are you up for hire? My space could use some seriou organizing!! You did a great job making it more user friendly.

  6. Sue, thanks for sharing your scrap space!! I am always so inspired when I see how other scrappers are organized.

  7. Such a great space! Now can you come help me get organized?!?

  8. This is so inspiring! I need to get the Asylum organized. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Wow, looks fantastic! I feel inspired now to organize my scrap space (it's bad, really bad!!)

  10. This is nice pictures and explaination of your reorganizing techniques. I am sure we all need to do this now and then. I like the little nook you have for your slice.

  11. Hmm- you make me feel inadequate Sue- My work space is a MESS> your is soo tidy

  12. Love all your organizing! The slice station is a great idea and I'm sure it will work for you. I did the same thing by moving my Expression and I use it so much more!